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I am a 31 year old DJ, musician/music scholar who is obsessed with design and photography. I live in Tokyo where I am a PhD candidate in Music Culture at Tokyo University of the Arts.

This homepage I set up to round up all the creative work I have done throughout the years and showcase the best (and strangest) of what I've done.

In terms of music, I am all over the map but in the last few years I have taken a shine to boogie and disco music. I do mixes every 9-12 months that summarize the best of the records I've found while digging around Tokyo and online.

The photography I've put up on the page is mostly snap shots of daily life here in Japan. In late 2009, I shifted more towards film photography and I started by shooting black and white using a cheap Canon family-oriented snapshot camera from the 80s. I held my first exhibition "Myndir" (Pictures) at Lift Cafe in Matsudo in July 2012 where I showed 10 black and white prints from my output up until that point. After the exhibition I moved onto shooting mostly in color and held my second exhibition entitled "Tókýó í Lit" (Tokyo in Color) at KEX Hostel in Reykjavik in November 2012. My current weapons of choice are an old Canon Autoboy 2 for black and white photos and an Olympus OM-10 for color. I am currently working on putting together a small exhibition of photos from Iceland.

My academic research is focused on niche music genres, primarily club music. I graduated with a masters degree in Music from Tokyo University of the Arts in March 2011. My graduation thesis focused on dubstep music scene in Japan, primarily how it was created and maintained, and what constitutes a "music scene" as opposed to a fully formed local genre (such as J-rap or J-rock). My paper "Authenticity in the Localization of Club Music in Japan: A Comparison of Dubstep and Hip Hop" (クラブ・ミュージックのローカル化における真正性:日本におけるダブステップとヒップ・ホップの比較) was published in The Annual Review of Musicology and Music Studies (音楽文化学集) in March 2012. In July 2012, I attended the 3rd IAPMS (Inter-Asia Pop Music Studies Group) conference and I presented the paper "Dubstep in Japan: On Music Scenes and Genres". Currently I am working on a chapter for an upcoming book showcasing the latest in popular music studies (the chapter will be based on my masters degree project) as well as researching the creation of club culture in late 80s-early 90s Japan.