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Boogie Mixx

Boogie Mixx

2008, Feb

– boogie, disco, mix, mp3

It was finding a compilation of 12-inch mixes of D-Train songs in 2006 that put myself as a DJ and record collector on the path to boogie. Gradually, over the next 7 years I would drop collecting everything else to focus exclusively on boogie, funk and disco from the late 70s to the mid 80s.

DJ since age 13, now 31, I started buying up what I could find in my hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland. When the flea markets and thrift shops dried up, I moved to the internet and ordered from online stores and eBay.

This first installment in the series of mixes named Boogie Mixx appeared in February 2008 and wasn't meant to be the start of a series but more a celebration of the music I'd been enamored with.

It was made to celebrate 1000 posts on the record collecting forum at I decided to go through everything I'd gotten and just put the killers in there, since I had a lot of fellow record collectors to impress. After that, when I decided to continue making mixes as the collection grew larger, I found myself getting pickier and pickier with what I put into the mixes and in what order. The first song had to be the one that had the biggest impact on me, there had to be a narrative and I couldn't stick to only one genre or one bpm were among a few of the rules I set myself.

In any case, here is the first of the series, Boogie Mixx, enjoy!

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