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This is quite hard a hard one to explain. A "kappa" is a creature of Japanese legend, a type of water sprite/elf/something that is found in local folklore. They live in rivers, eat cucumber and steal a suspicious ball called a "shirikodama" from humans.

When a friend of mine got a haircut that made her look like a kappa, jokes were made insistently for weeks and to the extent that I thought of making this fake train ad. It's based on a train ad for a dog grooming school which I'd seen on multiple occasions, only replacing the dog-grooming bit with "kappa". The ad I made advertises a school that shows you how to become a "kappa", with my friend as the principal. Wow, explaining inside jokes is hard. In any case it was a good practice in designing for print and making something silly look plausible (n.b. the logo for the Japanese Society of Kappa Schools, a phone number which can be read in Japanese as "please Kappa, give me a cucumber" etc.)