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Japan Times articles
Japan Times articles

Japan Times articles

2011, Jun-

– Japan Times, writing, music

In June 2011 I started as a music contributor to the Japan Times newspaper, the biggest English-language newspaper in Japan. To date I have contributed CD reviews, live previews and several full-length stories on the latest electronic and dance music coming out of Japan. Below are links to the articles that have been published in the paper and online.

Feature: Japan's juke scene gears up to go foot to foot with Chicago

Feature: Getting Japan to think inside the juke box

Feature: Red Bull invests in tomorrow's dance-music stars

Feature: Greeen Linez debut revisits Japan's City Pop summer jams of the past

Interview: Orbital goes wonky after two years of gigs

Interview: Goth-Trad hatches postdisaster pop

Interview: Azari & III to get Japan sweaty

Live preview: James Blake

Live preview: Matthew Herbert

Best of 2011: Soil & "PIMP" Sessions "Magnetic Soil"

CD review: Diskotopia Various Artists Volume One

CD review: The Backwoods "The Backwoods"

Furthermore, I have taken photos for articles by other writers. First, for this article on the president of Warner Music Japan, and second for this article on K-1 fighter/pop star Genki Sudo.